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Over the past semester at Southern Vermont we have had  the opportunity to  make and manage my own blog. This assignment allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, as I’m not usually one to post a lot on a website on a consistent basis. This has been a great experience as it has allowed me to share many of my opinions on many different issues and controversies. The most interesting bog i wrote about would be the car accident that occurred back home. Writing this was very easy for me , I didn’t really have to think about what to write  or worry about making it the minimum requirement , it was easy because i was able to relate to what happened since I was close to a few of the victims and I was able to get into the zone and it all came to me and was easy to make it flow. Sadly I believe I  wont be able to keep up my blog as, I am going to be extremely busy with baseball and school .


Pinterest is becoming one of the major new ways for people to get ideas for many events. Some of the many things Pinterest is used  to come up with wedding ideas, Christmas gifts, food recipes and holiday craft ideas. In the article i found it shows how Pinterest is an easy marketing tool to decide on a gift, present or food you are destined to make. For me i usually haven’t really used Pinterest much but i did use it for some of my ideas such as Christmas  gifts, proposal ideas and dinner ideas. After interviewing a few of my uncles  they all came to the same conclusion, their wives find something on pinterest they want to create or make or even additions to their house and they end up always having to produce idea into a finished result. I believe in order for people to really catch interest in Pinterest i believe they have to try a project or idea listed and if it comes out well and makes others happy then they will continue to try other things and in the end becoming addicted to it.

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Thanksgiving to me has always been a time that my parents said it was a day to show others what you’re thankful for.  The past few years, my mother and I have been participating in a local group of community and religious leaders, students, and social workers that supplies the lonely, homebound or homeless neighbors with a meal to eat for thanksgiving. The organization started over 40 years ago where they held a dinner for over 200 college students who were not going home over the break or were going to be spending thanksgiving alone.

The process in getting involved can go in many directions depending on how you would like to get involved. The ways you are able to get involved are by preparing the food, supervising the paperwork that needs to be filled out or by being the people who delivery the food to the less fortunate house, apartment or residence.

The most popular position people volunteer to do is delivering and within that there is a high demand for convenient routes as they serve and supply to over eleven different locations throughout Albany County. I have been volunteering for this organization for over three years now and it takes a toll and makes Thanksgiving Day a long day. It starts with getting up around four in the morning and driving to Albany to get a good spot in line in order to receive a good route. On average you will wait about two hours in line prior to getting your food and being on your way with your delivery. While you wait they offer massages, entertainment and they’re many vendors in case you get hungry or you need that morning coffee fix.


I suggest if you don’t live in New York find an organization near your home town with the same goal and get involved. From my own experience it really showed how much a simple little gesture can change a person’s mood and will make your Thanksgiving Day that much better!

Over the past ten or so years the world has been drastically changed with the impact of newly surfacing social media based websites.  Social media provides new and more efficient ways for communication among a group of people to be rapidly widespread. In the past these means of communication were limited to meeting up physically to discuss ones problems or achievements, this approach was time consuming and quite often inconvenient. Some of the modern occurrences that have taken place in the recent years that were helped solely be social media into formatting, initiating and contributing to political change were, Siberians posting on Facebook about their tragedies from chemical weapon attacks, the Iranian president tweeting at President Obama, and “connecting system generated reports on credibility on Twitter”.   In the past year the forces of Syria’s Assad government has used chemical weapons, which have been outlawed since the 1925 Geneva Protocol, against the rebel forces. Without the social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook the free world could have quite possibly not known about these war crimes and how they were staging a revolution to overthrow the current government. Their intentions were to replace their current supposedly democratic government with a true democratic government, because what they have now is technically considered a republican government or else everyone would go to the capital to vote on everything. The intentions of their postings was to try to let the world know of the atrocities that are being committed against them by their government that they are the victims of war crimes. This video exemplifies how social media websites can affect politicians’ future elections and not only third world countries. I found a music video  shows how people can make a parody of a simple pop song, “Thrift Shop by Macklemore” into a scheme to possibly help win an election and help gain popularity points and bring their opponent down.  Listed in an article written by Mohammed El-Nawawy and Sahar Khamis they say “Social media, particularly blogging, Facebook and Twitter, have played a key role in instigating, accelerating and even organizing some of the uprisings and revolutions that have been taking place all over the Middle East.” Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, and in some cases YouTube where like it’s shown above it can affect anything from war details, to communication skills to any aspect that can be conversed about.Some of the other examples on how social media is involved in political change are that recently there was a study done and they found out “Facebook has more than 600 million users as of January 2011, and it’s increasing daily. There have been a number of occasions in evidence already where social media has been put to wide use as a way of spurring political or social change including the U.S. Republican congressional gains in the Nov 2010 elections, the election of the first black U.S. president, Barack Obama, in 2008”.  The new thing the government is going to try to incorporate with the elections starting in 2016 is twitter. This will show a big political change as it is going from strictly in booth voting to, booth voting as well as tweeting which politician running will be you want to win. The only problem with this is it doesn’t allow casting your vote privately without anyone knowing who you’re voting for. If this advance takes place there will be a big change in how politics and social media coexists alongside each other. Most likely if this adjustment occurs then the formats on social media websites will be altered extremely to adjust to the revolutions in the the political world and make things private to protect everyone’s safety.




In my hometown, on December 1st 2012 a car accident involving two teenage couples took place resulting in the death of two of the teens.The two teenagers, a boy from one of the relationships (Chris Stewart), and girl (Deanna Rivers) from the other relationship were students at Shenendehowa High School. From what we know, the impact of the SUV rolling and eventually coming to a rest after hitting a tree in the middle of the New York state Northway killed Stewart and Rivers. These two teenagers weren’t just students; they were beloved student athletes who were two of the nicest people you would ever meet and had bright futures ahead of them.

The people in the Clifton park community were devastated about the tragedy and want to help the two survivors who were in critical condition any way possible. Many of the people were traumatized about losing two fellow classmates and were pushing for the two people who survived to get better quick. Some of the ways they helped them get better and put them in a better mood was by using Twitter to get professional athletes attention, hoping they will contact Matt and Bailey with good luck wishes and remorse for the tragedy that occurred. A Few of the professional athletes they tried to reach out to were Tim Tebow, Missy Franklin and Tom Daley.

A group of fellow friends and students started tweeting “#TebowCallMatt “and “#MissyCallBailey #DaleyCallBailey” resulting in thousands of people tweeting it making it a national trend. About a few hours later Matt Hardy’s (one of the survivors) brother Mike tweeted “TIM TEBOW JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH MATT! SUCH A CLASS ACT”. Within a few minutes Tim Tebow tweeted “Thanks to everyone who got #TebowCallMatt trending & helped connect us. Matt truly inspired me. God bless y’all”.

Not long after Missy tried to reach out and contact Bailey but got her voicemail and posted a tweeting saying “”Called Bailey and left her a voicemail.Would still love to talk to her. Bailey and her community are in my thoughts and prayers #staystrong”.

A few days later a few members of the Siena College Basketball team visited Matt and Bailey at the hospital giving them each a signed basketball and wishing them a speedy recovery. About five days later Shenendehowa High School held a candlelight vigil in honor of Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers, there were over 6,000 people in attendance from schools all over the capital region from Albany-South Glens Falls. The candlelight vigil was spoken about on Twitter, the news channel and Facebook mentioning the time of the event, where it was being held and the expected audience.

Throughout the whole process Chris’s mom started a blog post and would post a new post every day reminiscing about old days when Chris was younger. About two weeks ago they gave Dennis Drue (the man who committed the crime) five-fifteen years in jail; In defense Bailey started a petition to Impose a longer and tougher sentence for Drue. Throughout the whole tragedy they used social media in order to get people’s attention in order to help bailey and matt boost their mood and do justice.





Did you hear about the tragedy?

Do you believe he is getting the sentence he deserves after pleading guilty for 58 accounts in connection with the crash that took the lives of two high school student athletes?

If you believe he deserves a longer sentence please sign and share this petition!!!

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Similar to what Peter Parker said in Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility” just as with great technology comes with many problems. Today Privacy is a major problem on many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today there are over 500 million users worldwide just on Facebook alone today that have to deal with the possible risk of their account being hacked, and their private information found out and used against them.

The problem with the youth’s generation today is they aren’t as worried about their privacy and have been sharing more information and becoming more open with people about everything. As Mary Madden said “Teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they have in the past, but they are also taking a variety of technical and non-technical steps to manage the privacy of that information.”

Teens sharing their personal information can g two ways by  either being offensive if their information is used against them or in a positive way when people use their information for such things like advertisements, examples and possibly to gain publicity. As much information as these students release about themselves only 9% are very concerned. Teenagers today do not understand  that if they share too much of their private information it can relate in them being turned down for a job offer considering businesses today arent only doing background checks but they are also checking years back on your facebook,twitter and other social media related  stuff back .

In conclusion I believe that the privacy is very well established on these websites and they aren’t hard to use if you are willing to take the extra precautionary steps to ensure you can keep your photos, information and friend’s safe.

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